Questions regarding to Ctenops nobilis

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Questions regarding to Ctenops nobilis

Beitragvon schmidt-weisswasser » 15.08.2011 - 21:39

Questions regarding to Ctenops nobilis

Ctenops nobilis is exclusively available as Import.
Cause : As far as I know no one succeeded in breeding them any further than juveniles. However to acchieve a stable Stock from these very interesting but difficult anabantoids, stable breeding results are a to be obtained. We need to investigate why breeding hasn’t been suceesfull up till now. Therefore I need all possible information from every attempt. Please provide us with all the information you have so we can sort out what the key to succesfully breeding Ctenops noblis is. I have made a list with questions wich I’d like you to answer. (as far as possible).

I would be delighted if as many as possible would react to my request and would like to thank you all in advance.

Jürgen Schmidt – 02943 Weißwasser


Phone or mail-adress
(will not be published but is meant for any additional questions)

In case the location is known


Type of water:
 Current
 Colour
 Plants/roots
 Temperature
 pH
 Kh
 Conductivity
Specific circumstances

Keeping in tanks

Size whilst obtaining
Tank size
Decoration (plants, stones, roots)

Water values
Water treatment (conditioners etc)

Main problems in keeping

Life span in captivity
Size oft he fish at the moment of death
Cause of death (personal opinion)

In case of breeding results

Month of mating
Day/hour of mating
Are there any altered circumstances/sightings of chances during/whilst mating
 Waterexchange, Addings to the Water (conditioners)

 Changes in the number /species of tankmates

 Moving them to another tank
 Other alterings

A short description oft he mating progress

Wich sex is mouth-breeding ?
Number of mouth-breeding days
Short description oft he off-spring

Food fort he youngsters
After how many days did the youngsters die and at what size?
Cause of death (personal opinion )
Any unusualitys?


Are there any pictures available?

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