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B. coccina male or female?

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Saturday I bought what I believed to be a male and female Betta coccina, however, while the "female" is striped and has shorter fins, she's aggressive towards the male, and has blue coloration on the side.
Is she really a female, or is it a male? I'm confused to the point that I've even thought it might not be a B. coccina...

Here is a short video I made, not very clear but hopefully clear enough.

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when looking at the video, I would not want to say for certain if this is a female or not. I, myself, would look for the white "egg spot" (that seems to be a common english term for this). It sort of looks like the fish in the video is hiding one between the fins, but I'm not certain if it is real or just an illusion.
Furthermore, even the males tend to have a whitish spot in this region. But only the females have it "3D" and egg-shaped.


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