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[Oben angepinnt] NEW HERE? - General guidelines

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This forum is very informative and exciting and is going to, hopefully, lead onto lots of new members from abroad to make this a truly international board for all those who are interested in labyrinth fish and related species!

I´ld like to start by saying thank you for signing up! The more the merrier as far as we are concerned!
There are loads of different areas on here for help, advice and general chat about your fish, valuable knowledge and people with many years of experience, who - I´m sure - will be pleased to share it with you.

On a more serious note, there are certain rules that you need to stick to.
The basics are as follows:

1. Especially because people from alle over the world will be posting here, it is always nice to know who you are talking to.
Please introduce yourself and tell us where you´re from.
2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, if theirs is not in line with yours, please avoid stirring things up.
3. Avoid offensive language - be courteous :wink:
4. Make sure, you pre-read your posts before sending. Avoid common slang and abbreviations, which foreigners might not understand.

5. And this is also very important:
To avoid confusion and save time, make sure you name the fish species you are talking about in the thread title, i.e.: "My Betta albimarginata is ill", not:"Help, my fish is ill!".

The mod team are here to help so if there are any issues please feel free to raise them with us by sending us a personal message or placing a thread.

Last but not least:
We are looking forward to reading from you! LET`S GET STARTED!!

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