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Tackling the board registration though it is given in German

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during the process of setting up this thread for English speakers, we came across the problem that the board software is not MIME-sensitive. In other words, you are restricted to the default board language which is German until you have registered yourself. Only then, the software lets you change the board language to English, French and Dutch as your personal default.
But how can you register yourself in a German form when you don't understand German ?! So, is it a Catch-22 situation then?
Nope, it is not! 8)
Here are the for steps of registration in English.

Step 1: State that you are not under age (13 years)

Step 2: Enter the mandatory login informations (login name, password, etc.)

Step 3: Enter further contact informations of yours (optionals, but please be kind and enter your home town or country in the minimum)

Step 4: Personalize the board. Change the default language to English!

Send off your registration to us and it should be done. After your login, the board language should be in English then.
If you just want to go for the registration: this way please

Please feel free to ask in case I forgot to tell you sth. which is of interest for you

Regards, chk (board admin)

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