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Two Paro-questions ...
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Two Paro-questions 🙂

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Hi all Paro- friends!

My name is Piotr, I'm 17 and I live in Silesia (Schlesien), Poland.
I love Paros, but in Poland it's impossible to buy even one species :???:
And my question is, which Paro is the most popular in Germany?
And what is price of it?
I like P. quindecim and P. nagyi the most :D


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I don`t know if it`s possible for you to visit an IGL-meeting. There you would get a lot of species (but it`s better to contact the breeders before). But also in Germany, there are only some persons who breed paros successfully. So most popular is only one species: P. quindecim. The others depends more on the commercial imports.
Perhaps you contact Karen Koomans, she has sent fishes by parcel service sometimes. Another way is to contakt a small (but nice) "fish-shop" with name "rasbora" per internet. The owner also sends fishes.

The price would be normally 5-10 €/ paro + transport.


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Piotr, did you succeed in getting hold of Paros?
Please, tell me your exact address ( There might be a possibility to help you, since a member of our group lives near to the border of Silesia.

Peter Finke, Bielefeld